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My internship in Euroform RFS was a new, exciting challenge and experience for me. The international and multicultural environment, the helpful team in combination with very ambitious and demanding tasks was what I needed to develop my career.
Participating in this program was a great challenge and opportunity for me to develop my skills in marketing, project management, international communication and content design.
Moreover, thanks to Euroform RFS I had the opportunity to become familiar with the problem of global immigration from third world countries to Europe from the a first-row seat. Also, I gained invaluable experience, knowledge and also received lessons of humility.

Michal Balmas, Poland

28 years – Internship in Marketing and project management “Euroform RFS” (Poland).

The team of the internship is very good. The Orto Botanico is beautiful and a nice place to work.

This was my first time in Italy and I want to come back.

Joana Anahory Ribeiro di Horta, Portugal

Internship in gardening

Euroform RFS. Lithuanian people are good people, helpful and every time you ask for the direction they with pleasure help for me, also starting to ask me where I am born, what I am doing in Lithuania. By the way, older people do not speak English, just Russian. Young people have a really good knowledge of English, so you will not have communications problems in Lithuania!

Eugenio Manna, Italy

Student, Work Placement in Lithuania

Euroform gave me the chance to experience the work and to live in a foreign country. Things were well organized and I am really thankful for all.

Fernando Palacios, Portugal

Internship in gardening

People from Turin are very friendly and welcoming, the Euroform staff was always very nice and ready to help.

Telmo Martins, Portugal

Internship in gardening

Moda Movie and Cosenza make you feel at home. I want to come back soon. Goodbye and thank you Euroform.

Belen Loma, Spain

Internship in Event management organisation “Moda Movie”

It is an incredible experience and Euroform makes it all easier.

Ainhoa Fernández, Spain

Internship in Laboratory “Biocenter”

People in Cosenza are really close to you and make you feel at home.

Denisse Muñoz, Spain

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