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Euroform RFS operates as a receiving and coordinating organisation for a range of exchanges, study visits, and networking activities. By hosting school pupils, university students and adult learners in Cosenza, Naples and Turin, Euroform RFS enables them, at any stage of their life, to take part in stimulating learning experiences, as well as developing their education and training across Europe.

A number of the projects undertaken by Euroform RFS were conducted under the framework of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme. During its participation to the programme, Euroform RFS hosted around 200 students per year. Today, Euroform RFS still carries out certain projects as part of the European Commission’s initiative, under the framework of the Erasmus Plus programme.

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Euroform RFS enables you to engage in the pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

  • Euroform RFS participates in European integration actions, designed to stimulate teaching, reflection, and debate on European Integration.
  • Euroform RFS focuses on the teaching and study needs of adult learners, as well as developing the adult learning sector in general. Euroform RFS’ range of actions covers teachers, trainers, staff and adult learners, among others.
  • Euroform RFS participates in projects in the field of vocational education and training. Its initiatives range from those providing work-related training to individuals, to larger cooperation efforts.

enhance your competitiveness and employability

Coming to Italy with Euroform RFS will enhance your competitiveness and employability, and will improve your personal development and social inclusion skills.


Work Placements

For individuals going to Europe, Euroform RFS offers work placements in local companies that range from 2 weeks up to 6 months. Euroform RFS makes sure to find the perfect match between the incoming subjects and local-based companies (in Calabria for the Cosenza office and in Piedmont for the Turin office), in order to guarantee that every school pupil, university student and adult learner undertakes the work placements that suits best his/her profile.


At Euroform RFS, we aim to provide the maximum comfort to the participants coming to Italy. We put a lot of effort into finding, assessing and managing accommodation to ensure the best mobility experience.

Depending on the partner’s requirements and budget, we can find accommodation in apartments, hostels, or in hotels. Apartments are fully furnished, with fully equipped kitchens.


Language Courses

Euroform RFS provides for Italian language courses adapted to each individual’s needs. 

All our teachers are native speakers with extensive experience in teaching, and training in multicultural environments. I corsi non sono online? Native speaker?


Euroform RFS’ services

In addition to the linguistic preparation, Euroform provides for a high quality service to all its participants. Our placement coordinators work every day to provide the right accommodation, appropriate socio-linguistic supporting activities and effective tutoring during the placement activities.

Work Placements


As a hosting organisation, whether in Cosenza or in Turin, Euroform RFS offers a wide range of internship activities in different sectors: Architecture, Art, Biology, Business Administration, Catering, Construction, Design, Economics, Editing, Engineering, Environment, Flowers and gardening, Geology, ICT, Immigration, Italian Cuisine, Journalism, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Pedagogy, Pharmacy, Publicity, Psychology, Tourism, Veterinary, etc.

Hosting Companies

Euroform RFS carefully selects the organisations where the work placements take place. We examine their activities, practices and work ethics.

At Euroform, we also value feedback.

To guarantee the best experience possible, we collect a weekly feedback on the good progress of the placement from our participants and the partner organisations.


To make sure the work placements fits best the participants needs, all participants are interviewed by their future employer.

This interview also enables Euroform RFS to guarantee that the prerequisites of the placements are met.


At the end of the program, all eligible participants will receive the following certificates:

  • Programme Attendance Certificate;
  • Italian Language Certificate;
  • Certificate of Completion delivered by the organisation whereby the training was completed;
  • Europass mobility.



Accommodations are general located close to city centres to allow easy access to shops and other places of interest.

Great facilities

At Euroform, we periodically inspect the accommodations to make sure that they are the best choice for our customers. This important due diligence activity guarantees high quality accommodations.


We provide Wi-Fi for all our incoming participants.

Language Courses

The Italian language courses provide the participants with:

  • The basic communication skills necessary to manage their daily life in the Italian socio-cultural context.
  • The appropriate terminologies to make the most of their new experience, from a linguistic, cultural, and social point of view.
  • A technical vocabulary/glossary to be used at work.
  • Basic knowledge about the Italian educational and professional system to overcome potential challenges.

Euroform RFS’ services

Airport Pick-up

At Euroform RFS, we can organise airport Pick-up for our participants if requested, to render their stay as pleasant as possible.

Local Transports

Cosenza and Turin benefit from an exhaustive local transport service. Euroform RFS’ participants are provided with assistance and guidance regarding the cities’ public transportation system and information on how to get around.

If necessary, we also make sure that our participants receive the appropriate transport pass or bus tickets.

Cultural Activities

Euroform RFS organises a wide customised cultural program for its guests.

Euroform RFS Staff makes sure to give details about the city and its surroundings, and provides information on how to get around and enjoy the local lifestyle.

Guided visits and cultural excursions are organised to give the opportunity to the participants to learn about the history, the traditions, the beauties and the cultural richness of Italy.


Euroform RFS has built a network of restaurants and other organisations to enable its participants to enjoy authentic local culinary experiences.


Euroform RFS establishes both a work calendar and a program of the cultural activities.

Meeting Events

As a hosting partner during projects carried out in partnership with different international academic institutions, Euroform RFS offers a wide range of services, such as seminaries or round-tables with experts and local authorities.

24/7 Assistance

Our staff provides mentoring, tutoring, supervision and daily help during the whole stay of the participants.

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