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A Look Inside Social Inclusion SERVICES

Since 2016, Euroform RFS participates in social inclusion activities and works actively in the Immigration field in Calabria region. As a matter of fact, due to its strategic geographical position in the South of Italy, the Calabrian region is a major immigration hub. Euroform RFS particularly takes care of the training, integration and legal support of a certain number of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.


Italian language courses

Euroform RFS provides Italian language courses for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The courses are delivered on a weekly basis, or more frequently, depending on each individual’s needs. The Italian language courses aim is to integrate students in the local school system and in the Italian society.

These courses are supplemented by literacy and reading for individuals who might have literacy shortcomings.

Courses, Training, Voluntary Work and Work Placement

Euroform RFS offers a wide-range of courses for immigrants, especially on the IT field, or regarding institutional subjects, in order to train people and give them the opportunity to work or volunteer.

Euroform RFS might also offer training and work placement positions, thanks to its partners network collaborating to the traing project for the migrant. Training and work placement opportunities are subject to availability, motivation and capacities of the immigrants.



Euroform RFS is also involved in orientation to the territory (to its structures and services). Euroform RFS particularly provides information and assistance regarding  relationships with the Immigration Office of the Police headquarters.
As a matter of fact, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers often struggle to orientate themselves with a bureaucracy of a foreign country, in an unknown language. Therefore, Euroform RFS help them orientating in this field in order to make these procedures understandable.

Social Action

Euroform RFS is involved in different social actions and acts as a social secretariat for foreign citizens in close collaboration with local social worker. In addition, Euroform RFS provides information on  available opportunities for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, as well as on services and social benefits they can claim. The association also offers support in administrative paperwork.


Euroform RFS provides intercultural mediation for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers by supporting and improving social relationships both for individuals and groups. Euroform RFS is qualified in language interpretation, communication, information, guidance, accompanying, assistance, training, research, consulting, planning, conflict management.

Cultural activities

Euroform RFS encourages the participation of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to cultural activities offered by Calabria region, giving them the opportunity to take part in museums guided tours, local sport events, visits of centres of interests, etc.

Research & Development


At Euroform RFS, research and develop innovative tools at the service of social inclusion represent the first priority in immigration work.
Euroform RFS constantly engages in various projects at a European, national or regional level which enable the association to respond to the growing demand in Europe in terms of social inclusion for immigrants.
Euroform RFS particularly encourages modern technologies, MobileApps, WebApps, Chabot, etc. in order to provide an accessible service to individuals who have difficulties to orientate in society.

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