Project start announcement

Asociația Global Help has started a new project, financed under the ERASMUS+ Program, Key Action 2 – Partnerships for cooperation, project entitled “Innovation and dynamic learning for caregivers, social workers and trainers specialized in physical education of elders, through cross-sectoral approach of both CVT fields”.

Project no: 2022-1-RO01-KA220-VET-000089776.

Project call: KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training


Implementation period: 24 months, until 13.10.2024.


Financed grant: 250000.00 EUR (lump sum).

The partnership structure: Asociația Global Help (leader of the partnership, Romania), Universitatea din Craiova (Romania), Euroform RFS (Italy), Fundació Universitària Balmes (Spain), Home Hope Ltd (Bulgaria).


The summary of the project

  • increasing the extent of use of digital tools in the learning process for 5 organizations involved in education and training, including training for social care or kineto-prophylaxis from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain
  • increasing the knowledge in social care field of 13 trainers from the 4 countries, on the topic of active ageing and concrete techniques of wellness improvement of elders
  • increase the specific skills in elderly care and kineto-prophylaxis for 34 trainees and practitioners from the 5 partner organizations
  • increase the degree of attractivity of training in social care (elderly care) in the 4 mentioned countries, by creating best practices tools.



Main activities:

– 2 joint-staff training events organized in Spain and Italy – for 26 trainers in our organizations, meant to increase the use of digital tools in learning and to tailor adapted training for social care, to improve the training offer of the mentioned organizations;

– 3 practice mobilities in Romania, Bulgaria and Italy for 34 trainees and practitioners from both fields – in order to form new skills (practice low impact activities, functional exercises, breathing techniques etc).

– creating a new training kit in 5 languages-treating the subject of increase physic tone of elders, accompanied by a DVD including 4 hours of video content – exercises, games, choreographies, testimonials of elders etc;

– update a training platform with this topic, created in a previous project (; the platform will extend its functionalities and it will become a digital learning tool for experts in social field or for physical trainers interested in working with seniors on the topic of wellbeing, increasing physical tonus and health.

Expected results and outcomes of the project:

– 1 training kit with ISBN published in Romanian, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian (100 pages estimated) treating the subject of increasing physic tone of elders, maintain general

functional capacity, maintaining musculoskeletal integrity, preventing diseases etc;

– a complex set of high-quality videos of performing exercises created by the joint team of experts (LIAerobics, functional, stretching, Pilates, yoga, chairs’ dance, breathing techniques etc), audio material for motivation/empowerment techniques, testimonials from end users – 4 hours of video material on digital support;

– 500 DVDs distributed to relevant libraries, VET providers and other stakeholders from Romania, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria;

– 50 trainees/practitioners working with elders from Romania and Spain will have the chance to test the exercises, games, videos and methods conceived in the project, by this they will increase their skills and we will test in small groups the realism, the relevance and attractiveness of the exercises;

– 1 complex platform for training updated (created in Moodle), to upload the training kit and other resources for learning, including video content and a section of web conference for online training and module for self-assessment of learners;

– 3000 of unique visitors of the platform and minimum 200 registered online trainees during the project;

– 3 practice mobilities – for increasing the knowledge and skills of 34 trainees and practitioners in the 4 countries; they will develop skills to create a choreography for low impact aerobics/dance for elders, with respect of their conditions; they will develop aptitudes for breathing technique as a tool for improving well-being of elders; the trainees will enlarge knowledge regarding adapting motor activity in the accordance with pathologies of seniors; they will increase their aptitudes in creating low impact actions for elders, like Pilates, stretching and postural exercises; the trainees will understand the content of impact gym classes, from role models from the other countries involved;

– 2 joint training events organized for 26 trainers and specialists in training for elderly care, social care and physical therapy of elders (trainers, instructional designers, managers of specialized institutions with pedagogical/training background, researchers in the field of VET, physical instructors); these people will participate in two joint training seminars, which will take place in Italy and Spain; in Italy 13 trainers with improve their digital skills and better use of digital technologies; in Spain 13 of them will improve the abilities of working cross-sector in order to tailor more attractive training;

– 1 multiplier event organized in Romania with 26 stakeholders (20 locals+6 international, e.g seniors clubs, policy makers, VET providers, public institutions, NAQ, employers in

social services and physical education, opinion leaders etc) for debating the progress of the training kit and to multiply the project’s results;

– 1 multiplier event organized in Barcelona with 20 relevant organizations with purpose of promoting the results of the project and multiplying effects;

– 1 multiplier event organized in Turin or Naples with 28 relevant organizations with purpose of promoting the results of the project and multiplying effects;

– 1 event in Bulgaria with 28 stakeholders (20 locals+8 international), for debating the use of training kit and to multiply results, a chance to enlarge the network and create new projects.


Project Manager: Brezniceanu Andra Maria, PhD in Law

Adress: no 25 Frații Buzești str, Craiova, Dolj county, România


E-mail adress: