• Afridat UG (Germany)
  • Life Learning Development e.V. (Germany)
  • Euroform RFS (Italy)
  • Mobilising Expertise (Sweden)

General information:

Project Number: 2021-1-KA210-VET-000034539

Description: The SLATE Project aims to explore issues related to the environment, the climate, and its changes. In fact, the EU has proposed reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 in order to become climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this goal, it is essential to make the population aware and to intervene at the level of educating institutions, organizations, but also small business owners, to the point of involving all citizens. Insufficient attention to these issues, in fact, could cause irreparable damage to our planet, which is, moreover, the only one we have. It is therefore crucial to raise general awareness levels to facilitate behavioral change among the population and mitigate climate change.

Main objectives:

  • Understand and elaborate how the topics of Green Economy and Circularity apply to Partner Countries, through learning.
  • Collaborate on a study module that meets the needs of Partners and addresses the challenge of climate change by addressing low levels of awareness about the Low Carbon Economy, to be tested through workshops and pilot courses.
  • Use the results obtained in all countries to develop best practices regarding climate actions as case studies.

Target Groups:

  • Staff of VET organizations and institutions in Partner Countries.
  • Owners of small enterprises in Partner Countries and Europe.
  • Members of partner organizations and participants.


  • Develop an eBook on Low Carbon and Green Economy issues in the different languages of the Partner Countries.
  • Gather ideas on the topic and raise awareness about Low Carbon and Green Economy and the opportunities they can bring.
  • Organize a six-day workshop on Low Carbon and Green Economy opportunities.
  • Disseminate, communicate, and utilize project results.


  • Raising awareness about current carbon issues and working to sustain the environment.
  • Increasing knowledge of actions to be taken to safeguard the environment and to improve understanding of climate change, human impact and finding the right balance.
  • Promoting Low Carbon and Green Economy opportunities.
  • Raising the participants’ awareness to support and implement the EU agenda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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