This project ”N-ZERO” is aimed at consolidating previous awarded Erasmus+ project ”SLATE”. Project N-ZERO takes it further to raising awareness & advocacy of climate change issues & promoting green transportation. Riding bicycles is part of European culture. It has also become an effective means to counter pollution and promote climate friendly means of transportation. In addition to this there are a number of activities taking place all across Europe, raising awareness and delivering incentives by governments to further the use of climate friendly modes. There has been an encouraging trend among civil society to passionately engage on issues that they are passionate about. They have been constantly using various platforms to raise awareness on green transportation and advocate some of the key challenges that the world is facing. These micro-involvements which are more organic have been a motivating factor to add to the already macro initiatives undertaken by multilateral organizations. But these scattered attempts can play a shared role in engaging and contributing in a more systematic manner by creating a platform for learning and engagement.

The key objectives are:

  • Train 20 interested participants, educators, climate enthusiasts, trainers about climate change issues, it’s advocacy and green transportation;
  • Develop an E-course Moodle to consolidate the handbook from previously awarded project “SLATE”;
  • Promote and raise awareness about climate related issues among participants and communities;
  • Strengthening VET educators and institutions by imparting necessary skills to train & organize climate change advocacy and green transportation;
  • Empowering the people to become active members of the community by imparting them necessary skills on management and organization.


The target groups are:

  • VET Learners;
  • Staffs of VET organizations and institutions in partner countries;
  • Staffs of small business owners in partner countries;
  • Participating institutions and their trainers.
  • Community



A developed E-course modules: climate change enthusiasts can always visit the e-course website to learn anytime.





Life Learning Development LLD.e.V. , Germany

Euroform RFS, Italy


Afridat UG (Haftungsbeschrankt), Germany

Workshop Activities

Phase 1: Theoretical understanding of some of the key issues of climate change & green transportation.

Phase 2: A case study on promoting green transportation:

  • Participants will be divided into groups and tasked with a day challenge.
  • One case study on climate related initiatives (promoting green transportation) will be allotted where the participants will apply the techniques learnt in phase 1. They will be devising ways and means to advocate for climate change and organize for the cause in their own locality.
  • The objective is to make them work in groups and apply the necessary skills learnt

Phase 3: A group work to apply all their learnt advocacy techniques – collaboration & networking:

  • Sharing the experiences and best practices of the knowledge and techniques of the home countries of these various participants.
  • Sharing the experiences where individuals will be working for a challenging issue like promotion of green transportation

Phase 4: The groups will present their findings of the case study and its implementation.

  • The groups will present their experiences and methodologies applied during the group work in their own community
  • A brief narrative will be produced by the participants on their work group


General Information

Programme: KA210-VET – Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training

Project Number: 2021-2-DE02-KA210-VET-000048658

Duration: 12 Months