Euroform RFS is a partner of the WIFI project, a project to combat illiteracy.
WIFI aims to help people find a first job or training by organising thematic workshops.
A skills assessment tool has been developed.
The kit will lead to the creation of a skills map and an explanatory guide for interviews.
On the basis of the results collected in the study circles, competences will be established in terms of indicators and precise descriptors to assess the facilitators of the workshops on illiteracy.
In fact, people will position themselves autonomously at first, knowing only the descriptors, and then an external person, for example a trainer, will accompany the person to make a second positioning using the candidate’s self-assessment and adding his/her own experience.
The aim is to report on the progress made during the thematic workshops, but also to help the trainee to illustrate his/her own progress.
The creation of the map with precise indicators and descriptors, in addition to guiding literacy, is very valuable, as it allows the skills map to be applied in any area where illiteracy is being tackled, without having to change the content.
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