On the 16 of April, in the conference room of the Rexton Hotel in Craiova (Romania), the conference organized by the association Asociatia Global Help was held, related to the presentation of an Erasmus + KA2 project of cooperation for innovation and for the exchange of good practices in the field of care for the elderly. This project includes partners from four European Countries, such as BulgariaItalySpain and Romania (respectively: Home Hope LtdEuroform RFSAssociate Departement d’Estudis dels Medis Actuals and the two Romanian associations, Caminul pentru Persoane Varstinice Craiova and Asociatia Global Help).
This partnership is aimed at creating different intellectual outputs, including:

  • a common training curriculum that integrates the professional standards of the 4 countries, in the context of care and assistance to the elderly;
  • an e-book as a pedagogical tool: a careful selection of case studies, examples, legislation, comparative analyzes, best practices of professional care for the elderly;
  • an online platform that represents a collaborative space where partners can create and share content, exchange ideas, and learn about all the new projects and innovations in the sector.

The project is aimed at qualified personnel, to facilitate emergency management, the relationship with the elderly and the efficient use of advanced machines and technological tools, through the indications contained in the common curriculum at a european level.
One of the primary objectives of the project is to offer the elderly not only medical support, but also psychological and emotional support, trying to make them participating also in the social dimension.
The project aims to train personnel by making them highly qualified.
This project is a  symbol of the importance of a productive collaboration between the states of the EU and the advantages that can derive.

Giuseppe Fossi, Florence Merlo