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Italian Cuisine
The Project

Main Objectives

Italian Cuisine is a project promoted in partnership by:

The Italian Cuisine project has the objective of training 30 Italians living in Australia, who are unemployed and wish to re-qualify their professional skills undertaking a course in tipical italian cuisine.

The main aim of the course is two-fold: to give to students the necessary skills to be able to manage and organise a kitchen, and be able to reproduce high standard tipical italian dishes.


The project pursue aims more specifically to:

  • Offer professional training taking into account each student knowledge and capabilities, to incide on these characteristic, and to strenght the ability to acquire, organise and to trasmit information
  • Training people who in every day work interreact with clients’ taste and with the needs of the restaurant.
  • To create a flexible professional profile able to plan kitcken activities, to create exclusive italian dishes, and be able to build a identification between the dishes and the restaurant’s immage.

The Scope

The Italian restaurant as business is an important asset for the italian community and it has contributed to the sustauinment of many italian families in Australia

The lack of chefs specialised in Italian Regional cuisine contributes to reduce the differences between the original italian cuisine and the pseudo italian cuisine.

To face this competition Both small and bigger reaturants have to develop skills in terms of originality as sinonimus of quality and esclusivity on the italian cuisine.


The “Italian Cuisine” professional course becomes crucial to satisfy the needs of the people who benefit from it, allowing them to acquire ability and knowhow in order to face succesfully competitors, and to gain a competitive position in this market building a nich caracterideb by the originality, the tradition and the teste of the italian cuisine.

Performance Validation

The performance of students is validated on two main aspects:

  • The first regards the creation of specialised profile to favorite the creation of POLI di excellence
  • The second regards the multi-task ability of the profile in order to allow the integration between tecnical skills and the management of the orders, the logistic a kitchen lay-out.

A Unique Partnership

Fundamental ingredients in the success of both Italian Cuisine and Italian Cuisine 2 are its promoters, partners and those who finance it. The project depends on their partnership and cooperation.

The Euroform staff in Italy

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Australia