Euroform RFS is a leader in the design of new teaching methods, innovative pedagogical tools and in the digital transformation in education.

Over the years, it has carried out numerous research projects:

GER-APP (Inactivity is not an option!)

The “GER-APP” project aims to promote social inclusion actions for the elderly, involving them as protagonists.

  • creating and promoting an innovative education system aimed at older people;
  • developing quality innovative tools (guidelines, programs, guides, etc);
  • contributing to the correct understanding of the EU value system and active aging;
  • promoting the Erasmus + program;
  • promoting intergenerational cooperation for the well-being of individuals and society as a whole and encourage networking among volunteers;

Main target groups: seniors, teachers and trainers belonging to adult education institutions and gerontology institutions, adult education institutions, volunteer groups and retirement associations.


Blended VET

BlendedVET, aims at creating an online, flexible training for VET trainers who are willing to combine face to face and online instruction modalities. The project will be an answer towards helping VET teachers to transform existing trainings into blended learning or create blended learning trainings. More specifically, we aim to provide VET trainers with examples of existing blended learnings to inspire them, to give them methodology and guidance for developing their own blended learning based on their trainings they deliver. For this purpose, we will create a learning package in blended learning (so trainers can directly experience the methodology while creating their own content) and a training model which will allow to implement the teacher training in all VET centres and on any topics.
Main goals:

  • Promoting lifelong learning of VET teachers
  • Supporting the innovative approaches and digital technologies for teaching and training


Light and sound

The aim of the project is to create a professional training program for audio and lighting technicians in the field of entertainment through the exchange of experiences and study visits between different countries.

The target group is made up of: teachers, trainers who wish to develop their knowledge of the sound and lighting system in films, theater, concerts; students interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as audio and lighting technicians.

Pagina Facebook: Light-and-Sound



Citizens of the EU suffer from their low level of financial and legal literacy which profoundly affects both the individual well-being and the economy of the member states and the EU as a whole. Taking into account the aforementioned context, the Financial-Legal Literacy for Europe (FIN-LEG-LIT) project aims the following objectives:

  • Developing a Manual (“Financial-Legal Literacy Manual for Europe”) of financial-legal education for trainers and adult learners
  • Launching and maintaining a financial-legal literacy Online E-learning Tool
  • Training of the financial-legal literacy trainers
  • Providing financial-legal literacy training to the low-income and/or low-skilled and/or low-qualified adult learners.


MuseTeam - Emotional intelligence in learning processes to improve social inclusion

Its focus is on improving emotional intelligence through teamwork of students; allowing them to build parts or machines for Science and Technology Museum Presencial and / or Virtual.

Desing Thinking methodology used. The teaching method will be project – based learning that encourage interaction among people from a cooperative view, and in which the teacher becomes the guide to the training process.


European Network for Focus on Upskilling Pathways

The project concerns the exchange of good practices on a significantly new approach the path to improving skills.
The project will enrich existing knowledge, knowhow and practices of partner organizations from Italy, Poland, Greece, Portugal and Great Britain.
The goal of the project is to implement the Upskilling Pathways initiative.



DIGIFARMER Developing Farmers' Digital Skills

DIGIFARMER is a project that aims at improving the digital skills and capacities of people working in agricultural regions.



Education Platform:

Pagina Facebook: digifarmereu

ETT – NEXUS Empowering Teachers with Technology

Nexus is an innovative platform for English language teachers; the primary purpose is to establish an online connection between students and teachers, facilitating communication, evaluation and monitoring of learning processes. The platform will be launched shortly starting from the existing and already widespread worldwide XEROPAN mobile app.





European Partnership for Social Inclusion and Creation of Skills for Women Entrepreneurship E-learning

The “European Partnership for Social Inclusion and Creation of Skills for Women Entrepreneurship E-learning” project aims to develop tools to facilitate the actions of female entrepreneurship.

The impact of the project will be expressed mainly in two directions: on the one hand, the creation of Self-Development Tools, on the other hand, the development of a platform and a forum for sharing knowledge, good practices and exchange of ideas to support the female entrepreneurship.


Facebook Page:

STRACOV Strategic cooperation in the field of elderly care vocational training focusing on involvment of social-economic actors

The STRACOV project supports innovation in the field of elderly care training in four European countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. Several Intellectual Outputs are planned, including:

  • A common innovative training curriculum for the integration of professional standards in the four countries;
  • A pedagogical support tool (an e-book with an ISBN code that includes an accurate selection of case studies, examples, analysis and best practices)
  • An online platform that represents a collaborative space to allow sharing of content, webinars and information on new learning opportunities in social assistance in Europe.


LANCET - Language learning through critical thinking tools: challenges and chances

The general objective of the project is to facilitate the development of critical thinking and the digital approach among students and teachers, strengthening a process of social inclusion to contribute to the construction of a peaceful and stable European society.
Language learning through digital tools and critical thinking promotes active social inclusion.

The project involves the exchange of best practices between three adult education/training institutions from Spain, Austria and Italy.







The Cooperation Project for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices includes 3 main areas of intervention:

  1. adult education: expanding learning opportunities through non-formal and informal training activities
  2. social integration: developing learners’ social skills and competences through the potential of Europe’s natural and cultural heritage
  3. social and educational value of European cultural heritage: deepen the riches and potential of biodiversity and European rural environments


Partner countries: France, Italy, Poland, Romania




STET Slow Tourism and E-Tourism : prepare for change for the close future

The project intends to develop the European Community of Slow Tourism through the design and implementation of a web platform within which it is possible to participate in a Forum and follow remote-training courses for operators and practitioners of slow tourism. The courses are conducted in cooperation with the Universities of Madeira and the Balearic Islands.


WINE Promoting Wine Tours Destinations Through Contemporary Media Platforms aims to develop a new and exciting way to learn and share information about wine tourism destinations. This is intended to do so through the development of a web platform, including a part dedicated to promotion of the territories and a part dedicated to e-learning training.



Talent 4

Talent 4 is an innovative project that uses playing and creativity to bring out the natural skills and talents of the people who participate. It is meant to be a guiding tool to help young people enter or re-enter the job market, cultivating vocations, interests and attitudes. Originally developed in the context of the UK criminal justice system, the project is now present in Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Romania and Spain.


The intervention is co-funded under the Community Lifelong Learning Programme.

Mobile Culture

Mobile Culture is a project based on the premise that new
technologies enable people to express themselves and boost their
creativity, while improving their digital skills.
The project is aimed at educators and professionals working in
non-formal education programmes addressed to adults in cultural
institutions (GLAM) and NGOs. The objective is to provide cultural
trainers with practical knowledge on how to use technological tools
to develop artistic performances. To achieve this goal, the
partnership of 4 organisations will develop:
1. A Guide on Best Practices on new technologies and digital
tools in the cultural and artistic sector;
2. A Training Platform on the creation of online and offline
workshops and webinars and employing innovative
methodology for educational purposes;
3. A Digital Publication with articles, recommendations and
examples of high-quality workshops in the cultural and
artistic field;
4. An Online Course for non-formal education addressed to
GLAM/NGO professionals.

Best VET

New competences for VET professionals to shift to using learning outcomes contracts and online Learning Management Systems. The Best VET project led to the implementation of a practical guide for the transfer of quality development systems from the highest education sectors to the European VET centres and staff, enhancing the sharing of best practices in processes of mentoring, learning contract and learning management


The intervention is co-funded under the Community Lifelong Learning Programme.

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